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The Hartford Senators has a proud history of softball, having played in various leagues—both at home and nationally. But this highly competitive organization has a truly interesting history as well. Unlike most teams that were started or bought by wealthy business moguls, Hartford Senators was started by a couple of buddies who met and set up the team, ultimately making it what it is today.

Dan Howley
Dan Howley, team captain

History of the Hartford Senators

Initially, the softball team was part of the Easter League Franchise, which was purchased by James H. Clarkin, the owner of Hartford Baseball Club. But although Clarkin funded the team from his own pockets especially during the world war, he was unable to oversee consistent progress in the team’s performance. Following his disagreement with several team managers during the 1922 season, he was unable to effectively take charge of the team. It was until then that some of the men who were previously managers of the team met to discuss the team’s future.

Some of these notable ‘buddies’ who helped reinvent the team include Dan Howley, Bob Connery, Jack Coffey and Chet Thomas among others. To help boost the team’s dismal performance during various title leagues, they agreed to purchase great players. Some of the great players to ever play for this softball team include John M. Green, Lou Gehrig and Harry Hesse among others. Most of these players were actually young players, pursing their studies. For instance, Lou Gehrig just started his studies at Columbia when his great baseball skills were noticed by one of the teams past managers, John McGraw.

The Hartford Senators embody teamwork and friendship above all else


The modern Hartford Senators that we see today was re-established in 2001. This was primarily done to promote the team and to boost the popularity of softball overall. But that notwithstanding, the most important and interesting fact about Hartford Senators is that it is a great team founded by great buddies!